Isaacson: Reporters Have Become Performers

It’s CNN again, folks. Well, it’s not that the network released another batch of fake news. This time former CNN CEO decided to tell the truth about reporters, and many will disagree with him. Isaacson made a surprising comparison, and we already know who will disapprove it.

President Donald Trump has long warned about the avalanche of fake news that twists truth. This was the biggest problem during his presidential campaign. Luckily, Americans recognized his true potential and power. The US got the best president ever, and Democrats keep sharing their fake information. But, Isaacson is trying to do something else.

The former CNN CEO visited MSNBC, and spoke about White House briefings and modern journalism. According to him, cameras turn reporters into performers, and the White House should hold its briefings without that many cameras.

Well, we believe that this is the last thing host Andrea Mitchell hoped to get as a response. The host was actually trying to lure Isaacson into attacking Spicer, but her plan failed.

“How important is it — or unimportant — the White House doesn’t have on-camera briefings and doesn’t have daily briefings? And we certainly don’t have them at the State Department anymore,” Mitchel said.

“You know, I’m going to say something that’s heretical. I think on-camera briefings could be cut back. I think it’s really good to have off-camera, people discussing things, some for the print press even if it’s not on camera. I think on camera, everybody performs,” the former CNN CEO explained. We know that the mainstream media didn’t expect this answer, but Isaacson has his own point of view.

This sort of support’s Spicer comments on a similar subject. According to him, many reporters dream of becoming YouTube stars. Spicer himself has heard them ask the same questions over and over again.

Isaacson believes that the only purpose of the debates between Spicer and reporters are only giving points to journalists who are hungry for competition.

What do you think about the comments Isaacson made? Do you think Isaacson is right? Will White House briefings be followed by less cameras from now on?

(h/t Breitbart)