Ivanka And Children Leave DC For Weekend

Ivanka Trump is a very important part of the President Trump administration. She has been working very hard for her father and getting things passed. The First Daughter has even been trying to work for Democrats and Republicans both. This apparently means nothing to the liberals, however because they have continued to attack her for just about everything she says or does. We are seeing what happens with liberals get jealous and it is not pretty. There is no reason for the way they are acting. It is truly disgusting. But Ivanka has not let them get to her. She continues working hard and being an amazing mom to her children.

We saw a good example of that this weekend, when the family left Washington DC for the weekend. They have a very busy life. The family has a long of things to worry about at all times. This is what a working family looks like and that is one of the changes she is trying to get out. Ivanka works hard for working women around the country. What does she get for that? She gets insulted by liberals.

We are seeing them leave the DC area during a time when her father, President Donald Trump, is being attacked with more sexism complaints. It seems like the liberals want everything in this country totally for free. Well, that is not how things work.

Everything the First Family does is shined in a bad light because they are trying to work for the conservatives in this country. We never saw this kind of treatment when Barack Obama was in office. But maybe that is what we signed up for when Trump was elected. You can see the fatigue on her face as she is leaving. Ivanka must be tired of hearing all of the negative press about her and her father. They cannot catch a break.

But conservatives can be sure of one thing. The First Family will not back down from the hate of the left. They will continue working hard to pass laws that will work to make this country great again.

(h/t Daily Mail)