James Cromwell Sentenced To Week In Prison

Many things are currently going on right now under the Trump administration and we are starting to get a glimpse of what he can do. Unfortunately, he is unable to do a lot of the things he wants because the liberals attack him constantly. Whenever the media is willing to insult the president of the United States, maybe we have a problem. And the liberals in Hollywood are not helping anyone. Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell has been one of those liberals to get in trouble recently.

Since liberals think they can do whatever they want, he refused to pay his fines. He was one of six people that participated in a sit in at a natural gas power plant in New York in December of 2015. He was arrested as the protest caused public unrest and even a major traffic jam. He has not paid his fines and will now go to prison for 7 days.

Though 7 days might seem pretty small and insignificant, just be happy a liberal actor gets punished at all. If this were to have happened under Barack Obama, he would have gotten off with a slap on the wrist.

Cromwell reportedly refused to pay the fine in order to get more activists to do the same. What a good thing to do, huh? It seems like people like this don’t realize that they are not hurting anyone but themselves. When a stunt like this is done, they think that they are working hard for some good cause. But really, they are just making complete fools of themselves.

Liberals have been doing this a lot lately. Even more than usual under President Donald Trump because they are threatened by him. They are afraid that he will turn every single one of Obama’s policies around. Well, we have some bad news for you. He is and he is working hard to do it quickly. Our country will finally be conservative once again.

What do you think of Cromwell’s actions?

(h/t Western Journalism)