Judge Jeanine Goes After Liberal Media

We are seeing a huge amount of hate from the liberals in this country. Everything they do, they do in an effort to destroy President Donald Trump and his administration. We have to do something so that they are better protected from the insults that they give him every day. For the most part, the mainstream media has been extremely unfair to the president. Everything he does is attacked for being a bad move even when it goes for both parties. This is the United States we are living in right now and we need a change.

Fox News has been one of the few networks that has come to the side of the President. They realize that there are much more important things to worry about than what Trump says on Twitter. Judge Jeanine Pirro is one of the people that came running to his side when she saw what was happening. Nobody is condoning insulting each other on Twitter, or anywhere for that matter. Insults have no place in politics or anywhere else. But liberals need to realize that they started it, President Trump is only finishing it. They are used to having a president that sat back and did nothing.

Trump is not going to do that. Judge Pirro noted that it was obvious what the mainstream was trying to do. They want to make it seem like President Trump spends all of his time insulting on Twitter. But if you watch the real news, you would know that is not the case. A lot has happened in the world of politics recently, you just have to know where to look.

“What the American people want is they want the ability to be safe,” Pirro explained. “And this president is delivering on exactly what he said he would do and the reason we elected him in the first place.”

Trump has been very successful in completing his campaign promises thus far. That is a big difference between him and the precious administration. He actually cares about the American people. Obama did not.

What do you think of the fake news?

(h/t Fox News)