Kimberly Guilfoyl Signs Long Term Contract


Fox News has been hurting as of late and it is their own fault. The move to get rid of Bill O’Reilly was not only stupid, it was also incredibly impulsive. It gave way to the liberals and let them decide their fate. They have been having some major ratings problems lately. This stems from their inability to make good decisions.

Fake news has been the talking point as of late because of the fact that they seem to only report on negatives for the Trump administration. But Fox News finally got some good news when it was announced that Kimberly Guilfoyle will, in fact, stay with the network. These came in the midst of reports that said she was going to work for President Trump in the White House. Liberal media has been his Achilles Heel ever since taking office. Fox News has been one of the few to stick up for him.

We are seeing why Trump feels the need to protect himself from the attacks. Just today we saw him get in a Twitter fight with hosts from MSNBC because of their coverage. And even though they were the ones to start it, he was the one that got called out for it.

Some of that can be expected as he is held to a higher standard considering his place in the government. But they have to learn how to act as well. Fox News used to be one of the good guys for conservatives around the country. It seems now they are trying to move in a different direction.

President Trump, his administration and definitely his family have done nothing to deserve the vicious attacks left by the liberals. They are working towards better days for our country.

What do you think about the news that Kimberly Guilfoyle will be staying on at Fox News instead of going to work for Trump in the White House? Was this a good decision?

(h/t Deadline)