Melania Hits Back After Insults

We are seeing an amazing amount of hate against not only President Donald Trump and his administration but also his family. Melania Trump is one of the people that has been constantly attacked by the left for anything she does. Eventually, we need to see something happen because we cannot continue to see these types of insults. Do they realize that this is the First Lady of the United States? Maybe they just don’t care. But regardless she deserves their respect. Now the media is going in for the attack. We all remember what happened yesterday. President Trump was attacked for tweeting insults against hosts at MSNBC. Of course liberals didn’t like this.

Anytime they are called out for their attacks they feel hurt and need to get back at him. But he would the battle and will win the war. When will they learn that they cannot continue to act like this without seeing some consequences. This is another reason the Obama era was such a bad thing to happen to this country. Liberals now feel like they can get away with whatever they want.

We reported yesterday that Melania came to the side of her husband and his tweets regarding Mika Brzezinski. She came out saying that if someone attacks him, he will hit back 10 times harder. We saw this up close yesterday. But after she came out with this statement Brzezinski came out attacking Melania.

Mika came out saying that Melania thinks she has the worst job in the country and that she only does it for her son Barron. Well first of all, she has no idea what she is talking about. We see every day how much Melania loves being with the American people. There is no doubt, she seemed a little bit out of place at the beginning. Now, she is doing a fantastic job.

Melania came out hitting saying “she doesn’t know me.” It is obvious that they are reaching for straws here and that they have nothing left to report on. They desperately want to attack President Trump.

What do you think of Melania’s response?

(h/t Daily Mail)