President Trump Announces New Tariffs

We have always known that President Donald Trump is not scared to put himself on an island. Obviously, because if he wants to be a successful leader, that is something that he will have to do often. He does not shy away from letting his own administration know how he feels. After all, he is the boss and the one that has the final say in anything that goes on within the government. That was made clear during a meeting with many of his top advisers in which Trump pulled yet another, Trump move.

The meeting was in order to talk about how they should go about imposing tariffs on imports such as steel. President Trump was a huge proponent of this on the campaign trail and promised his supports that he would get it done while in office. This is his chance and it looks like it really could happen now. We have seen President Trump drawing slack for his comments made on his Twitter account, but we all know how he operates. If he gets hit, he will hit back much, much harder. Liberals need to learn that sooner rather than later.

Trump had to go against the wishes of as many as 20 of his advisers who said that this was a bad idea. From a source present in the meeting, it sounds like 20 were against and 3 were in favor. But one of those three was named Donald Trump. That means it will get done one way or another. President Trump wants to make sure that he keeps his campaign promises.

This would be a big move made by a president that is already facing harsh criticism from the left. Not that he cares about what they have to say, but he might want to think the consequences through very carefully before making it set in stone. There are many moving parts and he will no doubt come up with a plan that will help all Americans.

President Trump is working hard for all Americans and liberals need to realize that now.

What do you think of this decision by Trump?

(h/t Axios)