Schumer Blocks National Security Hearing

House Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is in the spotlight again. This time he blocked a National Security Briefing hosted by the Senate Judiciary Committee. This was a rather unpleasant surprise for Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley.

Schumer blocked the briefing through an upper chamber procedure. This seems to be Schumer’s favorite rule, and he has been employing it in the last two weeks. What is the purpose of the whole blocking thing? Schumer is trying to get enough time for his special demands on Republicans. The Senate Minority Leader employed the procedure to delay the briefing in Senate, and proceed with his demands. The health care bill is one of his major concerns

This is not a common tactic in the Senate, but it was used to drop the committee hearing on free speech and the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections.

“The federal government’s primary responsibility is to protect the American people, so it’s unbelievable that the Minority Leader would block Senators from both parties from holding a national security briefing to examine our nation’s most critical tools to protect the homeland,” Sen. Grassley stated.

The Senator requested every single document related to the FBI FISA surveillance requests based on the Russia investigation.

“Today, the Judiciary Committee was set to hear from senior intelligence officials about highly sensitive intelligence gathering authorities that will soon require action from Congress. It’s disturbing and reckless for the Minority Leader to block the briefing. We’ve seen too many recent reminders of how unsafe the world is today. This is no time to play politics with our national security,” Sen. Grassley added in his statement.

We can only wait to see if Schumer uses the same procedure again to block upcoming hearings. It’s still unclear whether Schumer had specific demands. Many argue over the real purpose of his blocking.

The health care bill has become a top issue these days, but it will soon be resolved.

What do you think about this blocking? Do you think House Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had particular reasons to do that? What is the real reason for this movement?

(h/t The Daily Caller)