Philadelphia District Attorney Williams Goes To Jail

Democrats are having the worst time in their lives. President Donald Trump was loud and clear – every criminal will go to jail without any exceptions. America turned into a dangerous place to live in. the situation could easily slip out of control, but President Trump appeared at the right place at the right time. Now Philadelphia’s District Attorney will go jail. As you can see, justice always finds its way out.

President Trump recognized the weakness of our system, and knew that it’s time to make things right. He’s handled so many problems lately, and corruption is definitely his “favorite.” Let’s not forget that the President promised to put Hillary Clinton in jail for all the crimes she committed. But, the best is yet to come.

The Philadelphia’s top prosecutor was found guilty of corruption charges. According to reports, the prosecutor accepted a bribe from a businessman. He admitted the crime.

The Democratic district attorney is signing his resignation, and the judge sent him straight to jail. Seth Williams won’t have the opportunity to go to his office, because US District Judge Paul Diamond required that he goes to jail right after the hearing. According to the judge, Williams couldn’t be trusted.

Williams was connected with 23 charges on corruption. Evidence showed that Williams received over $100,000 in cash, luxury presents, and fancy vacations. Well, Democrats are definitely using the benefits of their position.

The Democratic district attorney for Philadelphia received the gifts in return for his services. Williams implemented official policies to benefit two businessman. Both of them were his benefactors.

The investigation showed that Williams was given a Jaguar convertible before he turned a businessman into a “special advisor” to the Philadelphia district attorney’s office. The unknown businessman also received an official badge and letter of appointment.

This is not the first time Democrats use their position to commit crime. It’s unfair that these people play games with justice, but luckily, this particular problem was solved successfully.

What do you think about this? Do you think other Democrats did something similar? How much time will Williams spend in jail?

(h/t The Daily Caller)