Cher Goes After Melania And Barron

We have been seeing hate spew from the liberals for a good part of a year. Ever since Donald Trump announced that he would be running for President of the United States. It seems that they found this to be threatening and it shows. We are seeing the complete meltdown of the entire Democratic party. And it is not just liberals around the country. The mainstream media has been attacking him and his administration for pretty much anything they do. But now the liberal Hollywood elites are going to join in the hate.

Cher has decided to randomly start attacking Melania Trump and her son Barron for no reason at all. She sent out a tweet questioning their marriage and people were not happy. Conservatives have had to watch the attacks against the Trump family for too long. It seems like they will never stop and this tweet is a good indication of that.

It is obvious that the liberals feel threatened by the success of President Donald Trump and it looks like we haven’t seen anything yet. Cher thinks that she can say or do whatever she wants. There are even liberal celebrities that think joking about assassination is just a joke. Well, Secret Service doesn’t think it’s a joke and has been investigating every threat to the full extent of the law.

Cher then goes on to attack Trump for not being more kind to his son. How can she go so far as to attack the relationship between a father and his son. Does that not go to far? Something needs to happen so that these kind of attacks are made illegal. He has more important things to worry about that what the liberal elites are saying about him.

Hollywood is completely against President Trump and his administration. There is no reason for the hate that he receives. What do you think about the way Cher is treating the president and his family?

(h/t Twitter)