Democrat Proposes Bill That Could Remove Trump

Liberals are currently trying to do anything they can to get rid of President Donald Trump. They have made it their goal to impeach him and are moving in that direction every single day. Now it looks like it is getting even worse ever since the now infamous Twitter battle took place. We all know by now that President Trump got into a little scuffle with a couple MSNBC hosts on Twitter. He came back hard after the two insulted him on their show. He is the one that gets in trouble for it because he is a conservative. We all know that liberals get a free pass.

But this has put into motion a new bill that is going to try to get rid of the president of the United States for good. Freshman Rep. Jamie Raskin is trying to get a committee started that will look to see if Trump is mentally fit to serve as the president. Even though we all know he is more than fit, this is what the liberals do.

This continues in a long like of attempts made by liberals since he took office 5 months ago. A bill like this is why it is so important that we protect him from this kind of hate. Obviously this will go nowhere as Democrats have nothing to prove their stance on. If you actually look at what the president has done thus far, his track record is actually quite impressive. Maybe they forgot what it was like to have a conservative president after 8 years of Obama.

Regardless, this kind of obvious hate needs to stop as it is getting us absolutely nowhere as a nation. If liberals really think they have a chance to get him out of office, they are obviously sadly mistaken. They have absolutely no shot at impeaching Trump. First it was the obstruction of justice charges. What will it be next? They can’t keep coming up with excuses forever.

Are you guys tired of seeing bills like this by our liberal lawmakers? Don’t they have more important stuff to work on?

(h/t CNN)