Joy Behar Goes After A Christian

The View has been trying to attack President Trump and his administration ever since he announced he was running. Every single one of the hosts has been incredibly rude to the president and his family coming out with insult after insult. They claim to be a fair show to their viewers but that is far from the truth. But now they have gone in a different direction. Now they are attacking people’s rights as Christians, something that she knows nothing about. Joy Behar is a disgrace to the television screen and needs to be taken off for her constant insults.

Jack Phillips and his lawyer decided to venture onto The View recently to discuss his reasoning behind not making a gay couple’s wedding cake. The View was all over him from the start saying that he had no right to do this. Something has to be done about the way The View treats conservatives because it is truly disgusting to watch. There is no reason for their attacks on this innocent man. Phillips was simply exercising his rights as an American.

Jack tried to explain himself.

“I am not judging these two gay men that came in. I am just trying to preserve my right as an artist to decide which artistic endeavors I am going to do ad which ones I am not.”

Then co-host Paula Farris asked, “Did you ever ask yourself what would Jesus do in this particular situation? Instead of denying them, do you think maybe Jesus would have said I do not accept this but I am going to love you anyways?”

Why do they think that they can get away with stuff like this? This poor guy came to have a good conversation about his rights as an American and he was endlessly attacked for no reason. The View simply cannot treat their conservative guests with respect. That has been the downfall of their show as of late. Joy Behar and Whoopi are two of the most uneducated women on TV right now and it shows.

Are you tired of seeing this show attack conservatives across the country?

(h/t Gossip Cop)