Maxine Attacks Trump Again

Maxine Waters seems to be trying to take down President Donald Trump all by herself. If she is smart she will stop. But we all know that she isn’t smart. She has been trying to sabotage the Trump administration ever since they took over. But they are yet to be successful because they spread hate and lies. Liberals in general have been very unfair to the President and his family. Every day we see unfounded claims of hate against him. This has to stop> By now you have all heard of the infamous Twitter feud between Trump and two hosts over at MSNBC.

These hosts continually attack Trump for absolutely no reason. When he finally responds he is attacked for being a bully among other things. Do we see the clear double standard enjoyed by liberals on a daily basis? There is no reason for the kind of insulting behavior we have been seeing recently.

But Maxine swears that this latest string of tweets will be the end of him and his administration. Keep dreaming, Maxine. This is nothing compared to what he has to deal with every single day. It seems like liberals would understand that constant hate would eventually get to someone. Maxine Waters thinks that this will be the nail in the coffin for President Trump. These tweets were in response to the liberal show that makes an effort to attack him for everything.

The left thinks that everything in the country is made only for them. They forget that half the country disagrees with just about everything they believe in. Eventually we need to make our voices heard loud and clear. But for now, we can put our trust in President, who is currently trying to work for every American in the country.

If the attacks against Trump seem unfair and unfounded, that is because they are. There is no need for the hate that the left is currently giving him and his administration. Something big is coming very soon and we need to be careful.

What do you think about Maxine Waters saying that this is the last straw?

(h/t TMZ)