Melania And Family Seen Going On A Trip

There are many reasons why liberals feel that they can say and do whatever they want to the first family. One of the reasons is the way Barack Obama ran this country. Or, more correct, the way he did’t run the country. Liberals have now completely lost it and are seriously trying to ruin President Donald Trump and his family. But the first family is responding quite well to all the criticism. Lately they have been attacking President Trump for comments he made about a couple of MSNBC hosts after they continued to attack him. This is the president that we elected and if liberals don’t like it, they can leave. But that is not holding them back, we recently saw them going on a little trip.

First Lady Melania, President Trump and their son Barron were seen leaving in Marine One to go to Bedminister, New Jersey for the weekend.

The family is working very hard for all Americans and they deserve a good break like this. There is very little wrong with the way Trump has run this country so it is shocking to see how the liberals are treating him. Or, maybe it is not so shocking. Liberals will do anything to push their disgusting agenda.


Melania was seen wearing a white button-up shirt with an amazingly beautiful pink skirt that went to her knees. She is the epitome of class and it is good to finally have someone like her in the White House. Americans can finally be proud of what they have. Under Obama, we saw a family that had no idea how to act.

Liberals have even gone so far as to attack the first couple’s marriage. If that is not going to far, then what is? They love each other and that was proven when Melania moved into the White House to be closer to her husband. Obviously the liberals are jealous of what they are currently seeing in the White House. There is no reason for the way that they are currently being treated and something has to happen.

(h/t The Daily Caller)