Michelle Obama Continues To Embarrass Americans

There was very little the Obama administration did to make the United States better. If fact, they made it much, much worse in just about every aspect. There have been very few times in which we saw a president act so poorly and against the wishes of so many Americans. But liberals do not care about any of that. He is a god for them and it is impossible to tell them otherwise. We have a long way to go before we come back after Obama. He destroyed this country from the inside out and Trump is trying everything he can to fix it.

But don’t think for one minute that he and his family are done embarrassing this country. Did you think he had already done enough damage? Well, think again. They are currently on *another* vacation around Indonesia where they can be seen completing a number of different activities. We already wrote an article on Obama’s speech where he talked about people being far too patriotic. This is easily one of the most ridiculous things he has said.

But Barack is not the only one the family has to embarrass our country. He also has a wife named Michelle that is doing everything she can to continue making a fool of herself. We know that she has absolutely no class whatsoever. That is why it is so nice having a family in the White House that actually deserves to be there.

But Michelle outdid herself with this one. She can be seen wearing a total disgrace of an outfit to a very holy site. The family recently visited the Empul Hindu Temple, a very out cultural center. Michelle, with her two daughters in hand, were seen in despicable outfits that show absolutely no respect for where they are. How can they continue to get away with stuff like this?

Conservatives around the country should be very excited to finally have someone in office that actually cares about their feelings, because it was sure that Barack Obama did not.

Are you tired of hearing about the Obama family and how they are embarrassing our country?

(h/t The Guardian)