President Trump: The Patience Is Over

Kim Yong-un keeps stepping on everyone’s nerves. President Donald Trump won’t tolerate any of his nonsense. North Korea has been in the center of every event lately, and the situation may easily slip out of control.

The North Korean dictator is determined to proceed with his nuclear testing. He dreams of building an intercontinental missile to strike Japan or the United States. We can only hope that someone stops Yong-un in time, otherwise the world will turn into a battlefield.

President Donald Trump warned Yong-un. He even hoped that the Chinese President would force the dictator to drop the nuclear testing. None of this happened, and Yong-un is ready to advance his missiles.

The President had a meeting with the newly elected president of South Korea, Moon Jae-In. our leader used this meeting to say that the United States will no longer tolerate Yong-un. Jae-In hopes for a deeper cooperation with Pyongyang, but President Trump won’t lose any time in doing diplomacy with the regime that has no respect for human life.

Jae-In invited President Trump to Seoul this year. The leaders didn’t provide any details of any joint strategy.

“Together, we are facing the threat of the reckless and brutal regime in North Korea. The nuclear and ballistic missile programs of that regime require a determined response. The North Korean dictatorship has no regard for the safety and security of its people, for its neighbors and has no respect for human life,” President Trump said.

The President is ready to take actions against North Korea. Military officials are working on a new plan to handle the situation just in case Yong-un crosses the red line.

“The era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed, many years it has failed. Frankly, that patience is over,” President Trump said during the press briefing in the Rose Garden.

President Trump won’t be involved in a dialogue with North Korea. According to him, sanctioning could teach Kim Yong-un a lesson. We can only wait to see North Korea’s new move.

What do you think about this? What will President Trump do next?

(h/t The Guardian)