Bergdahl Faces Life In Prison

Conservatives have been enjoying having President Donald Trump in office and it is about time. We have had to wait a long eight years for it to happen. But it should be well worth the wait as Trump is working wonders for our country. There is no reason for him to be attacked in this way. The liberals are looking for any way to get him out of office and it really is sad to see. It is not only President Trump himself but also his administration and family. We are finally seeing what our country is supposed to look like.

Everyone remembers the Bergdahl case. He left his post during a time of war and put his comrades in severe danger. He was later caught by enemy forces before being set free by a trade made by then-President Barack Obama. It was a deal that left many conservatives shocked. They thought that this man should have never been given a second chance to begin with.

Strong feelings are involved in this case and we are seeing how it plays out right now. Judge Col. Jeffery Nance gave out a rare procession, allowing a charge of misbehavior before the enemy to continue. This is punishable to life in prison.

Bergdahl put his comrades’ lives in danger when he deserted his post. He deserves to pay for his crimes. Many people have been looking for him to receive even harsher punishments than he is charged with. But on top of this new charge, he is also charged with desertion which carries a max of 5 years in prison.

Conservatives have been fuming ever since Barack Obama made the move to bring him back. He was brought back on a trade with the Taliban. They got back a few of their captured soldiers that were being held at Guantanamo. This seems like a very rare case and that is probably a good thing. It is never good to see someone deserting their post while in the military. He deserves whatever punishment comes his way.

What are your feelings on this whole case?

(h/t Popular Military)