Ivanka Trump Attacked By Morning Joe

Liberals in this country are completely out of control. They think they can get away with whatever they want but they need to remember that Obama is no longer the president. The media has been going way too far as of late and it is starting to take a toll of President Donald Trump and his administration. This is why he reacts the way he does on Twitter because they constantly go at him for everything he does. But some people are tired of seeing it. Conservatives need to realize what is happening and react accordingly. There is no reason for the hate that Trump is seeing at the moment.

His family should not have to get involved in the hate that is currently going on. But they have found themselves in the middle of it all time and time again. We are in a situation that we have rarely been in and it is not looking good. People like Ivanka and Melania are seeing disgusting insults all around them. There is no excuse for the way they are currently being treated. These women are working hard for the country and look how they are thanked by the liberals.

Ivanka has been the subject of many liberal attacks. Who knows their reasoning behind it but whatever it is, it needs to stop. She is an amazing mom and adviser to her father. She is trying to work with both Republicans and Democrats in order to get laws past to make our country better.

But the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe took the hate to another level when they called her a hypocrite for trying to stick up for Americans. Why did they say this? Because they think her and her father is the same person, apparently. It seems that liberals have forgotten that just because President Trump does one thing, his whole family does not do the same thing. But then again, they will look for anything to attack the family so nothing they say can be trusted.

Are you tired of seeing media like MSNBC attack the President’s family? What should happen?

(h/t Hollywood Life)