Kaepernick Has A New Job?

Colin Kaepernick managed to attract everyone’s attention with his anthem protests. The NFL player decided to protest every time the anthem was played, and his move was criticized by the entire country. Kaepernick had to deal with the consequences of his actions. He was kicked out of every team, and nobody wanted to take him back. The player seems to have a new job. Well, maybe this is just a joke.

The NFL quarterback didn’t want to stand during the US national anthem. He was just trying to send some sort of a message for all the deaths across the country. Kaepernick only protested for the deaths for black men, but he definitely picked the wrong way to spread the word.

He disappeared from the world of sports, because nobody wanted to hire him. Kaepernick had to deal with the refusal of every team in the country. Nobody wanted to accept him, and this was the biggest defeat in his professional career. Well, let’s just say that Kaepernick can’t be considered a professional, because no professional NFL player would never disrespect the national anthem.

Many thought that the league is trying to “blackball” Kaepernick for his disrespect. Truth is, Kaepernick didn’t do anything to stand in support of social justice. He was just trying to gain popularity, but it didn’t work for him. The NFL player deserves the treatment he “enjoys” at the moment. His former team believes that he may finally learn his lesson.

Maybe Kaepernick will finally get a job. His strongest opponents suggest that he asks for a job at McDonald’s. Well, that’s a low one, but Kaepernick earned it. This is probably the mildest attack we have ever seen. Unfortunately, the quarterback didn’t come with any statement on the incident.

The player didn’t show any regret for his protests. His fans are still disappointed in their favorite player. Everybody just hopes to see Kaepernick put his things together.

What do you think about Kaepernick’s new job? Do you think he will ever get a job? How do you feel about his anthem protests?

(h/t CBS Sports)