Liberal Reporters Criticize First Lady Melania For Her Outfit

First Lady Melania is one of the most gorgeous women on planet Earth. She is lovely, caring, and dedicated. Every woman in the country would gladly switch places. Democrats are doing their best to bash the First Lady, but she seems to ignore the insults her family has to deal with. This time Michelle Obama’s friends decided to pull the trigger.

The situation got worse after the President’s rampage with MSNBC’s host Mika Brzezinski. Democrats seem to enjoy mocking the First Lady. But, she always deals the problems with ease. First Lady Melania will never allow anyone to hurt her family.

The Trumps had to put up with a great pressure since Inauguration Day. Obama, Clinton and their closest friends were devastated to hear that Donald Trump won the elections. They were too confident about Hillary’s victory. However, their dreams didn’t come true.

Michelle Obama and her husband planned to leave the country, and went on a fancy vacation in Bali. But, this didn’t stop them from sending their friends to the White House. First Lady Melania hosted her White House State Dinner, and Michelle’s friends did their job.

Liberal reporters tried to please the former first lady. They thought that Michelle would be happy if they mock the First Lady’s outfit. But, we all love the way she looked.

First Lady Melania wore a gorgeous dress for the meeting with the Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi. We can’t really understand Democrats’ sense of style, because the First Lady chose the right dress for the right occasion.

Democrats are still trying to get President Trump impeached, and now they’re going after his family. We can only hope that President Trump will solve the problem, and prove everyone that he is the right man to lead this country. America has a great chance of becoming great again, and President Trump will help us live a better life.

What do you think about the dress First Lady Melania wore at the meeting with the Indian Prime Minister? Do you like the way she looked? Why are liberals still criticizing her? Do you think they’re up to something?

(h/t The Mirror)