Rep. John Conyers Is Under Investigation

There is a lot of stuff that we do not know about the Democrats. Under Barack Obama, it was evident that a lot of illegal activity was taking place. But they were never punished for what they did because Obama simply did not care. In fact, he was to blame for a lot of the illegal activity that went on. We are at a time when Obama and his administration are starting to be investigated under President Donald Trump. Conservatives have already seen just a little bit of the criminal activity that was going on. But now, another Democratic official has been officially busted. It is starting to look bad for the Democrats.

Rep. John Conyers of Michigan is under investigation for possible ethics violations. Democrats think that they can do whatever they want and this is good proof that they cannot. It has also been reported that Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico and John Lewis of Georgia are under investigation for violations as well. As of right now, they are unsure if the cases are connected. We will see in the very near future and hopefully something is done very soon.

It is not yet clear what exactly these Democrats did to be investigated but there is no doubt that foul play was involved. Liberals and Democrats are the first to say that Republicans are the corrupt ones. Maybe they should take a closer look in the mirror, because that is not the case. Liberals have been proven to be the fraudsters time and time again. Look at Obama and Clinton. How can you still make an argument?

Rep. John Conyers needs to be punished for his part in breaking the ethics code. There is no reason that this man should not lose his political career and hopefully we can make that happen very soon. Democrats have been getting away with whatever they want for far too long. It is time for us to step up and say enough is enough. They need to be punished and Trump will make sure that happens.

What do you think?

(h/t Detroit News)