Report Finds Massive Fraud In IRS

We can all rest easy knowing that your hard earned tax dollars are going to put put to good use, right? Not so fast. We all knew that Obama was a huge spender but maybe we didn’t know the extent to which he cost our country billions of dollars. It really is sad to see something like this happening within the government. They take away our hard earned money and use it on fraudulent things. And yet, every day we hear about how the liberals are far more dignified than the conservatives. Maybe they’ll keep quiet after this newest report.

The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) reported that the Internal Revenue Service threw away $2.76 BILLION in wasted tax dollars. Just to put it into perspective, that it an astonishing $31,000 per employee at the IRS. President Donald Trump should have fun with this one. He has made it clear that he will destroy any and all fraud found to be happening within the federal government. We know that we can trust his judgement because he already has all the money he needs.

One example of the wasted tax dollars was a $12 million upgrade to the cloud-based email system that is not even compatible with the current system. That is ridiculous and how they could get away with something as dumb as this is beyond scary. Where else is fraud like this running rampant. We need to have an overhaul of the government system to see where else there are leaks of our tax dollars. We all know that Obama did nothing to stop it.

Another example of just how bad this thing is: IRS employees are only allowed on government phone. Then why does the report find that most employees were seen receiving between 2 and 5 phones. That is ridiculous and cost $2 million per year. Why was something not done about this kind of fraud earlier? Because Barack Obama simply did not care and would not act upon it. That is the exact reason liberals are so useless. They have no backbone.

What do you think about this kind of fraud?

(h/t The Hill)