Sheila Jackson Lee: President Trump Should Resign

Democrats strike again. They will never give up on their fight against President Donald Trump. Now they have the perfect excuse to proceed with their impeachment plan. The anti-Trumps used the recent “rampage” between President Donald Trump and MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski. Jackson Lee pulled the trigger, and poured her hate for the President.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee went on Fox News, and claimed that the sitting President of the United States should resign. She believes that his attack against MSNBC host Brzezinski is a serious thing. Well, Democrats never needed a reason to bash the President. They can’t stand the idea of having him in the White House.

“Over his career here as president, his tenure, he has done a number of things, a number of tweets…a series of things. He is incompatible with the office and the leadership of this country. And, yes, the idea that his continuous assault on women only compounds the fact that I would ask him — it’s a job that he does not seemingly like, he needs to resign. And I stand by that because he is inappropriate for the office. You can’t even get answers from his cabinet officers about housing, about State Department issues because they’re not staffed. They’re not staffed because the White House can’t seem to agree on appointments. You have to be able to run this country on behalf of the American people,” Lee said.

This is not the first time a Democrat calls for President Trump to be impeached. They will never let him be, especially after the recent tweets. We can only wait to see the further development of events. Maybe Democrats will finally learn their lesson, and show more respect for the President. America needed a strong leader, and now we have the opportunity to live a better life. This hate thing should be brought to an end.

What do you think about the comments Sheila Jackson Lee made? Do you think Democrats will keep calling for President Trump to be impeached? How will President Trump react to Lee’s comments?

(h/t The Daily Caller, Breitbart)