Watters: The Left Has Created A Fake News Firestorm

President Donald Trump is facing major criticism these days. It all started with his nomination last year. Democrats thought that Donald Trump will never become a candidate. But, he won the presidential elections, and Hillary was sent home. His political opponent tried to win the elections in every way possible. Hillary wasn’t aware of the fact that Americans would never elect a corrupted criminal. Democrats are super busy these days, and none of their actions benefits our country. Now Watters has to say something about this.

The President and his family are a constant target. Democrats will never let them be. These people stand for democracy and better life for us all, but the only thing they do is destroy this country.

We can’t even understand their reasons for hating President Trump. The President made a strong campaign, and he promised to make America great again. Unfortunately, Democrats didn’t appreciate his efforts, and even blocked his travel ban.

The travel ban was created with the only purpose to keep terrorists away. President Trump had one of the greatest ideas ever. His plans were big and real, but his Democrat “friends” didn’t even bother to support him. Decent Americans stand for their rights, and we all know that President Trump is fighting for the best of us all.

Jesse Watters made a clear point, and he spoke about the way liberals treat President Donald Trump. He also spoke about the “fake news firestorm.”

“The left, so blinded by their hatred for @POTUS & so desperate to sell Islamophobia, has created a fake news firestorm,” Watters tweeted. We couldn’t do anything but agree with him.

Democrats should learn how to cope with the fact that Donald Trump won the elections. He deserves a chance to make America great again. Many would agree that President Trump is the best president America has ever seen. So, maybe we should wait to see if they will drop the pressure.

What do you think about this? Do you think Jesse Watters is right? How will Democrats react to his comments? Do you think the silent battle will continue?

(h/t Mediaite)