Ayydurai Suggests That Warren Submits To A DNA Test

The Republican senatorial candidate Shiva Ayyadurai is one of a kind. This man claims to have invented email, and now he is ready to take Elizabeth Warren’s position in Massachusetts. This man sure has style, but we are not quite sure whether he picked the right way to challenge Warren. Ayyadurai finds his place in every headline across the country. But, the latest incident shocked everybody.

The Republican is running for Warren’s seat in Senate. Ayyadurai believes that Warren lies about her Native American heritage, and seems to be ready to prove his theory.

Sen. Warren hasn’t provided any proof of her Native American heritage. Here claims were only based on “family sayings,” and her challenger is determined to reveal the truth.

President Donald Trump sort of agrees with Ayyadurai, and claims that Warren is building her claims on fake information.

But, none of us thought that the Repulican senatorial candidate will call out Warren for her refusal to take a DNA test. The senator will never submit to a DNA test, because her lies will be exposed. Many said that Warren is using her alleged Native Indian heritage to build strong legal career.

This may seem amusing for some of you, but Warren may face serious problems if Ayyadurai’s claims are real. The challenger is ready to fight for Warren’s seat, and we can only wait to see the final results of his attempt.

It’s strange how the challenger appeared in this particular period. You’d all agree that Warren has been acting strange lately, but let’s hope that she never lied. President Donald Trump will never allow senators to lie about their heritage. If Ayyadurai is right, Warren can easily lose her job, and that would put an end to her legal career.

Building a career on lies is the last thing one should do. Our country needs real people, and liars don’t deserve a position in the US Senate.

What do you think about this move? Do you think Warren lied? What will happen if Ayyadurai is right? Will Warren lose her job?

(h/t The Daily Caller, Fox News Insider)