Hui Chen Resigns

It’s time for major changes. The victory of President Donald Trump announced a new era, and things will never be the same again. Reports suggest that one of the Justice Department’s top Corporate crime watchdog signed a resignation. Hui Chen shocked everyone with her decision to resign, and the event filled headlines across the country. But, something else caught everyone’s attention.

The former Pfizer and Microsoft lawyer was the compliance counsel in the department, and she decided to leave it. Chen also talked about her move in her recent LinkedIn post. Many people thought it was more like an alarm about the President Donald Trump and his administration.

“Trying to hold companies to standards that our current administration is not living up to was creating a cognitive dissonance that I could not overcome. To sit across the table from companies and question how committed they were to ethics and compliance felt not only hypocritical, but very much like shuffling the deck chair on the Titanic. Even as I engaged in those questioning and evaluations, on my mind were the numerous lawsuits pending against the President of the United States for everything from violations of the Constitution to conflict of interest, the ongoing investigations of potentially treasonous conducts, and the investigators and prosecutors fired for their pursuits of principles and facts. Those are conducts I would not tolerate seeing in a company, yet I worked under an administration that engaged in exactly those conduct. I wanted no more part in it,” Chen wrote in her post.

Chen first entered the Justice Department in 2015. Their announcement revealed that Chen will have the top role in the fraud section of the Criminal Division.

But, everyone remembers Chen for her criticism against President Trump and the new administration.

“The management of the Criminal Division, of which the Fraud Section is a part, has persistently prohibited me from public speaking,” Chen explained her problem.

What do you think about Chen’s resignation? Do you think there is something behind her decision? What made Chen leave her position in the Justice Department?

(h/t International Business Times)