Massive Trump Rally In San Diego

Liberals act like President Donald Trump doesn’t have any support but we are seeing that that is not the case at all. Every week there are massive rallies for the president that are completely ignored by the mainstream media. That is why liberals think that there is no support, because they watch only the fake news. We need to make sure they liberals understand that Trump is loved across the country. That was proven during a massive rally held in San Diego today. Trump supporters from all around came to give Trump their praise.

President Trump has been working for Americans everywhere and there is no reason for the hate that he has been receiving as of late. It just goes to show how much needs to be done so that he is treated with respect. Liberals have taken their hate to the next level. We have all seen the media feud between President Trump and MSNBC. Obviously the liberals were the first ones to point out how inappropriate President Trump was in his comments.

President Trump and his family are attacked on a daily basis but when he responds he is the one in the wrong. Well, these Trump protesters are tired of it and have finally decided to act. They were protesting the liberals act towards President Trump. Something must be done in order to better protect him and his administration.

People all around the country are starting to see the disrespect the president gets on a daily basis and they are coming together to put an end to it. We are going to see more and more of this until it is finally put to an end. Did Obama ever have to deal with this ind of hate from the media? Of course not. He was treated like a god where ever he went.

What do you think of this protest from Trump supporters? Do you want to see more stuff like this?

(h/t Twitter)