Obama Met With Moon Jae-In In Seoul

Barack Obama can’t get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the elections. He didn’t even think that Donald Trump would win. But, Hillary didn’t have any real chance to win. She is corrupted criminal, and Americans will never forget the victims who died in Benghazi. Obama hoped for Hillary to win, because that would have kept him closer to the White House. His plan didn’t work, and now he is trying to undermine President Trump.

Many would agree that Obama still sees himself as the President of the United States. He had two terms, and didn’t use his presidency to change anything in this country. He only planted hate, racism, and terrorism. Obama is responsible for the terrorists who entered the country.

We can’t have terrorists wandering around. However, Obama wanted us to believe that Muslims are here to live the American dream, and learn more about out our culture. But, Muslim immigrants are actually trying to take over.

Now Obama is trying to take the President’s role. Can you believe this? He went to Seoul, and met with the South Korean President. What was the purpose of this meeting? The former president wanted to discuss over the President’s role in the problem with North Korea. He was also planning to discuss over new policies to deal with Kim Yong-un and his nuclear testing. Is he forgetting something? President Donald Trump is the real person to talk about this.

It’s funny how Obama decided to visit South Korea just a few days after President Trump met with Moon Jae-in.

The 40 minute meeting involved issues of foreign policy and Yong-un’s nuclear testing. Moon said that North Korea has one last chance to cooperate before the rest of the world goes against it.

This is serious. Obama behaves like he is still a president. The former president should not mess with foreign policies. He is not the one to discuss over the current situation in North Korea. He left the Oval Office, and should stay away from it.

What do you think about this? What was Obama’s real plan? Do you think he is trying to undermine president Trump?

(h/t The Japan Times)