Obama Phone Program Riddled With Corruption

There are few things that happened under Barack Obama that Americans could be proud of. It seemed like things were going to keep getting worse and worse until Donald Trump stepped into the ring. But he did not get here in time to stop the fraud before it happened. The fraud that has been proven to have happened under Obama cannot go unnoticed and we have to do something about it before it is too late. Obama loved spending Americans’ money. He would do whatever it took to get his hands on the hard earned tax dollars of American citizens. But what he did with it is even more shocking and Tucker Carlson calls him out on it.

Tucker Carlson went on to explain what happened within one specific Obama program. “Investigators say that getting bogus applications approved is ludicrously easy, and as many as 36 percent of all beneficiaries from the program should have been rejected,” the Fox News host explains. This just proves that Obama did not care about fixing his own problems. He just did whatever he wanted all the time.

The program, called “Lifeline” was originally started in 1985 to help low income families be able to afford a family phone. But under Obama it turned into something much more sinister. He helped people cheat the system by getting multiple phones for free. This cost the American taxpayers millions of dollars in fraudulent charges.

What will be done about this? Likely nothing, unless President Trump gets a say in the matter. We have to start giving Obama more punishable offences because we simply cannot continue to let him get away with stuff like this. He is known to have cost Americans millions just on his vacations alone. Combine it with fraud like this and who knows what the total could be.

It seems like we have just scratched the surface on the fraud that went on under Barack Obama. He was by far the worst president this country has ever seen and there is no reason he should not be in prison right now. But as a liberal elite, that likely will never happen.

(h/t Daily Caller)