Obama Shown Mocking Jesus In Video

Obama did so much bad to this country that he always ruined it. Luckily President Donald Trump came at the perfect time to save the day. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into whenever he became president. Obama did not work for Americans and only passed policies that hurt us in a significant way. There was no reason that he should have been elected for a second term after how horribly bad hist first one was.

As you can see from the video, Obama can be seen mocking Jesus and the Bible over and over again. This just goes to show you how bad this man really was. He did everything he could in order to hurt Americans. The former First Family only wanted to help themselves to become even more rich and famous.

Many people have even accused Obama of being a Muslim. From the looks of the video, that might be the case. He definitely takes all of the Bible completely out of context and refuses to see Christians as good people. There is no reason that he should not see some form of punishment. Whenever we have a liberal president it seems like all of the liberals in the country get together and hate on all of the other parties. That is unacceptable and Obama made it even worse.

Obama was the start of it all and he needs to see punishment. Whenever there was a bad thing that happened, he did absolutely nothing to stop it. Obviously the liberals look at this man as a god and someone that can do no wrong. For them, he was the best president that this country has ever seen. Maybe they will eventually see how a real president is supposed to operate. Donald Trump is the real deal. He has been working for every single citizen in the country. Liberals would have seen this if they paid any attention to what he was doing.

But that is not what they want. They only want to see him get impeached and that is all.

(h/t YouTube)