Some People Refusing To Celebrate The Fourth

Obama did so much unseen damage in this country that we are only just now starting to see improvements under President Donald Trump. There were many problems with the way he ran the United States but one of the main problems was that he did not care about the country or the people he was in charge of. Obama did whatever he could for immigrants but didn’t do anything for the citizens that he was supposed to protect. This created a very poisonous climate in the United States as liberals thought they could do whatever they wanted. We saw them burning flags and protesting in the streets to show their disapproval.

We are now seeing some of the consequences of this man’s actions. Many people around the country are currently getting ready for America’s Independence Day, or as millions around the country call it, “The Fourth.” There was a story written by Derrick Willburn and posted on Allen B. West explaining why you should refuse to celebrate the the fourth of July.

He goes off on all of the liberal haters that this country current has. They have done so much damage to the way this country should be run. Obama let them run wild as they set fire around the country. How did they get away with this? They are simply trying to destroy us from the inside out and we can no longer stand for it.

Willburn goes on to talk about the BLM punks that think they can dictate the way this country does its business. He has obviously has had enough of the way they currently act and he hopes that President Trump can finally do something about it. We are seeing a lot of hate from the liberals right now. It is creating a very dangerous climate for everyone in America.

The media has been one of the worse inciters of violence of all. They have been incredibly unfair to the president and his family. There is no reason for the way they are acting and something needs to be done about it.

(h/t Allen B. West)