Toby Keith Talks About Saudi Arabia Concert

Not too long ago, President Donald Trump went on an overseas trip to many other parts of the world. He met with various world leaders where he talked about some of the things he wanted to work on as President of the United States. For the most part, things went over perfectly and he was able to accomplish many of his goals while there. One of the countries he visited was Saudi Arabia. The actual meeting went over amazingly well. During the visit, Trump gave a speech where he talked about many of his goals while in office. He laid out ways that he could accomplish these goals.

On the other side of the spectrum, one man was awaiting a concert of a lifetime. Toby Keith, who as you can remember sang at the Trump inauguration, did a concert for the people in Saudi Arabia. If went over amazingly well with people flocking to see the country musician in action. People over there probably don’t get to see country singers very often. That is why it was such a treat.

Toby Keith recently talked about this concert and how it went down. The man, who is used to giving concerts right here in the United States said this had a different feel.

“That was like being on another planet,” the singer explained. Considering he had never done anything like that before it is understandable that he felt out of place. Not too many singers can say that they have had the chance to sing at a concert in Saudi Arabia. This was the first concert the country had allowed in 25 years. So it was quite the treat. Keith was also the first western musician to play there ever. That tells a story in itself.

“You have to deal with a lot of restrictions,” he went on. “It was very different than anything I’ve ever done in my life.”

There is no doubt about that. That must have been a very exciting concert for the people over there. Hopefully he can go back next year with another full audience. And it sounds like women might be able to come.

(h/t Greeley Tribune)