Trump Makes Announcement Regarding Salary

There have been amazing improvements to our government since we elected Donald Trump to be our president. He is working hard to ensure the safety and success of Americans across the country. This is something that we never saw when Barack Obama was in office. He did not work for Americans and was not interested in helping anyone but himself. From time to time, it is important to remember the shape that our country was in before Trump took over. If we had to deal with it much longer we might not have made it out. But those days are long gone.

Trump is working hard for the United States. During a time when we need to remember our nations history, we also need to look toward the future. President Trump has already amazed Americans throughout his presidency so far. One of the first things he did was announce that he was not going to take any of his salary. We know that President Trump has been extremely successful in business and does not need any of the money from his job.

Last Friday, the Trump administration gave their annual report to Congress that outlines every worker and staff member in the White House. Some very interesting things came out. To make it easier to understand, we will compare it to the past administration to see what kind of differences there may be. One major difference that stands out is the the Trump administration spent $5.1 million less that the Obama administration. That is a significant amount of money.

One of the other things that stood out was the fact that First Lady Melania Trump, who is attacked by liberals for spending too much of taxpayer money, only has 5 staffers. That is compared to Michelle Obama who had a shocking 24 staff members. Are we starting to see the difference here?

One thing stands out from all of this and that is President Trump is saving American dollars are putting it into things that need it. We never saw this action under Barack Obama. Are you happy to see him saving money?

(h/t Forbes)