FBI Hit With Arrest After Investigation

Barack Obama and his administration were not honest with the American people. They continually lied their way through the presidency and it is starting to catch up to them. The FBI has been having a lot of trouble as well. Ever since the James Comey testimony came out, they have been facing severe criticism for the way they handled things. We all knew that Comey was a fraud but we didn’t know just how far it went down the line. There are investigations going on into whether or not the FBI went about their investigations in a good manner. Things are starting to point towards no.

Now there has been an arrest at the FBI for fraud. This is a big arrest as it proves that the FBI does not conduct itself in a professional manner.

“Agent W. Joseph Astarita, a 40 year old Hostage Rescue Team member, allegedly lied about firing twice on Finicum, who was shot to death in the course of an attempted arrest related to militia’s occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January 2016, reported the Oregonian.”

This is a big arrest as it shows the FBI is not perfect in the way they do business. There are many holes to fill and Trump is responsible for that in at least some way. Astarita was found to be inappropriate in his actions and is now facing the consequences of his actions. When something like this happens to one person, it puts into question the entire organization. That is what always happens when an arrest like this is made.

The FBI needs to take care of the problems that are directly in front of them. Astarita could be just one of many agents that made bad decisions in the past. This could be widespread throughout the organization and that is what we need to be careful of. President Trump needs to go in there and try to see what is going on so that he can come up with steps to fix it.

It likely started under Barack Obama who did not care about helping Americans.

(h/t Reason)