First Lady Melania Honors The “Brave Heroes Who Serve”

First Lady Melania Trump is an amazing person, and everyone loves her. Well, Democrats can’t really stand her. The President’s political opponents can’t get used of the idea of having the Trumps in the White House. They use every occasion to blast the First Family, but the First Lady is ready to teach them a lesson of respect.

The former first family was only interested in spending some nice time in Hawaii. The Obamas weren’t quite fit for the role they were given. Luckily, Barack Obama is no longer our president, and the family is finally out of the White House.

The Obamas were caught in so many scandals, and Democrats still support the former president. Barack Obama never respected this country and the people who live in it. He had two terms to make things right, and the only thing he did is plant hate in every bit of this country. People hate each other, and Obama is responsible for this chaos.

The former president disappointed American voters. Many thought that he will do things right, and finally improve the condition in our country. Unfortunately, he only made it worse. Obama didn’t even respect our military! How bad can this be?

The US soldiers deserve every respect in the world. Those people leave their families to do their job far away from their home. Obama never appreciated this. When was the last time Obama honored a US soldier?

Unlike him, President Donald Trump and his lovely family show respect for every decent citizen, including the brave heroes who serve. Everyone is talking about the tweet First Lady Melania wrote. She knows how to express her respect for the US military, and you’d all agree that she did the right thing.

“We are the land of the free because of the brave. Thank you to the heroes who serve!” tweeted First Lady Melania. Of course, Democrats will use this opportunity to mock her again, but that’s something we are all used to.

What do you think about the President and his family? How do you celebrate Independence Day? How does Obama celebrate this day?

(h/t CBS News)