Maxine Waters Complains About HUD Director Ben Carson

Maxine Waters continues her firestorm against President Trump and his administration. She has been on the attack every since he took office and now they are getting more and more widespread. It is obvious that Maxine Waters is a jealous liberal that wants to get the president impeached. Well Maxine, we have some bad news for you. That is not going to happen. President Trump is working hard for the country while also being attacked by liberals on a regular basis. And then they try to act like he is the one with the problem. Where is the sense in that? Liberals are only mad that Hillary Clinton did not win and they are still pouting about it daily.

But Maxine took her hate to a whole new level recently when she started talking about HUD Director Ben Carson. So far, Carson has taken down the fraud that was everywhere under the previous administration. He is working hard for those people that need his help. Carson has been working to try to locate the problem where it starts rather than just handing stuff out. Waters did not like that at all.

“Carson knows nothing about the mission of HUD. He does not care about the people in public housing. He believes that if you are poor, it is your own fault. And he does not know the difference between an immigrant and a slave.” Is someone a little jealous here? Maxine doesn’t know anything about the HUD and what it aims to do. Carson has a very important mission and is doing a fantastic job at it.

Ben Carson is getting attacked because he is part of the Trump administration and nothing else. There is no reason for the hate that he is currently getting. Waters needs to let him keep doing his work to make this country great again. If liberals think they are doing something by attacking the Trump administration every chance they get, they are dead wrong. They are only hurting the country.

Ben Carson will continue working for all Americans regardless of the hate he gets for it.

(h/t The Hill)