McClelland Won’t Celebrate July 4th

Our country has always been a battlefield. Leaders fought for power and benefits. Parties were torn into pieces, and voters were defeated. But, we’ve never seen an American disrespect this country. Unfortunately, some people consider themselves experts in politics, and use the opportunity to bash President Donald Trump.

Obama did his best to make people hate each other. He had the ultimate plan to divide states, and turn political opponents into enemies. We still don’t know the reasons he had to destroy our country. One thing stands for sure – Obama did an almost irreversible damage to our country. Luckily, President Donald Trump was given the change to lead this country in the right direction. He promised to make America great again, but Obama’s supporters didn’t respect his effort.

Hollywood celebrities stood right next to Obama and Hillary. We all know that Hollywood is too liberal, but we never thought that actors and singers would boycott Independence Day. It’s clear that most of them don’t like President Trump, but their political views are in no way connected with this great day.

Christopher Phillips is one of the liberals who believe that Independence Day shouldn’t be celebrated. The filmmaker seems to have no reason to celebrate this day. “Justice apparently doesn’t apply to all people. A lot of people have lost hope,” Phillips said, noting that he is unmotivated to celebrate July 4th.

Janette McClelland was proud to reveal that she won’t celebrate Independence Day either. “It’s a white man’s holiday to me. It’s just another day. I’m not going to even watch the fireworks. Not feeling it,” explained McClelland.

Well, we saw this coming, but most of us secretly hoped that liberals won’t come out with their political nonsense. It’s their loss at the end of the day.

Even Michael Coard said that African-Americans shouldn’t celebrate Independence Day. He is not the only person who released a shocking announcement. This is nothing but a shameful act of disrespect.

What do you think about this? Do you think other celebrities will follow the example of McClelland? Will liberals ever stop disrespecting this great day?

(h/t The Philadelphia Tribune, The Daily Caller)