President Trump Decreasing The National Debt

One of the things President Donald Trump wanted to tackle from the beginning of his presidency was the problem of our national debt. Under Obama, it grew to a ridiculous level because they simply did not care. We saw time and time again the administration ignoring their duties as our leaders and spending our tax money on pointless things. Obamacare ate away at our budget from the beginning. It cost the United States billions every year and doesn’t even do it’s job. There is no way that we could expect to see it go away completely under Trump but he he can get started on it. Expect to see some big changes to the way things are run over the next 8 years.

Between now and the inauguration, President Trump saved the United States a staggering $1 TRILLION when you compare him to Obama. This is amazing news for the conservatives here that were tired of seeing Obama waste their hard earned money. It seems obvious that something had to be done about the way the country was being run. Every day that Obama was in office was a day that the United States lost billions.

That is why it is so important for Trump to come in and get rid of this wasteful mindset. When you start from the inauguration until now, Trump saved $103 billion. This is what we need because we could not afford to continue down that dangerous road for much longer. There would have been some serious problems in the very near future had Hillary Clinton been elected President. She would have continued on exactly like Obama.

It might seem like Clinton has nothing to do with this story, but in reality, she does. Democrats have always been the ones to point blame at the Republicans for the debt. But these lies are just that, lies. It is very obvious that the programs they start are totally wasteful and very rarely accomplish what they are meant to accomplish.

Something about the way liberals operate is a very scary thing. Luckily we finally have President Trump to lead us.

(h/t Gateway Pundit)