Sheriff Clarke Goes After Liberals Attacking Trump

President Donald Trump has been facing severe backlash from the liberals that disagree with his tweet. He tweeted about MSNBC and the hosts that refuse to treat him fairly. Trump has been getting attacked by the liberal media ever since he took office and it is about time this is put to an end. The hosts over there at MSNBC should be ashamed for what they do to Trump and his family on a daily basis. There is no reason for the way they act. It comes from the hate that they have for him.

Now Sheriff Clarke is getting in the mix. He has come out swinging at the liberals that are attacking Trump for this tweet. He makes some good points. They can deal the damage but cannot take it themselves. In order for us to move on as a country we need to be able to trust the news to give us the truth, not the liberal version of whatever happens.

It seems like liberals need to hear and see what they are doing to the president and his family. They have been posting nothing but lies ever since he took office and hey are taking a toll on what he can get done. Have you noticed them influx of of calls for impeachment since the James Comey testimony? It seems like liberals are trying harder and harder to get him out of office.

Sheriff Clarke just put those calls to rest with a simple tweet. He has been the one to be at Trump’s side ever since he took office and it looks like it will continue that way. Clarke recently had to turn down a spot within the Trump administration because he felt it was not the right time. President Trump will no doubt find another spot for him very soon.

What do you think about Clarke’s tweet on the liberal media?

(h/t The Blaze)