Trey Gowdy Puts The Nail In The Obama Coffin

Former President Barack Obama and his administration are long known to have been very corrupt and fraudulent in the way they did business. The administration was a sad excuse for the executive branch of the United States government and the more time goes on the more we see why that is the case. Many investigations have been opened into how the Obama administration operated and the more we are learning the scarier it gets. For example, Susan Rice was found to have broken the law by unmasking members of the Trump staff. So far we have seen no punishment for this and likely none will ever come.

Trey Gowdy, who is now the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has been very thorough in his investigations as he wants to make sure he finds everything. He has been on the hunt for the spy programs that went on under Obama and so far, he has not been pleased. It sounds like the CIA, NSA and so forth have been unwilling to work with him in a timely manner.

Well, Gowdy had some news for those people. They are not going to get their spy programs back until they spill the beans as to what exactly they are doing. “Everyone I speak with, from the NSA, from the CIA, all tell me these programs are vital to our national security,” Gowdy explains. “These will not be reauthorized.”

Gowdy has also been on the hunt for the people responsible for the White House leaks that are currently running rampant. It sounds like he is going to use a lot of man power in order to figure this one out and they are getting very close. The leaks are hurting the Trump White House in a big way as it lets the liberals in on what he is trying to do. He isn’t worried about criminal behavior because he is not fraudulent, unlike Obama.

Trey Gowdy is hard on people that deserve to be punished and these people deserve to be punishment big time.

Are you proud to see him working for the American people?

(h/t PeoplesPunditDaily)