Trump Did Something Amazing In White House

President Trump has proved himself to be an effective president time and time again. There are very few things that he cannot do. Even though liberals attack him at every turn, he stands strong and says what he thinks. Conservatives have been waiting for a leader like Donald Trump for a long time and we finally got it. It is a big change after 8 years of Obama where he came close to destroying the country over and over again. And we are seeing why President Trump is such a successful man. Wait until you see what he just did at the White House.

The best part? The press wasn’t even invited. He didn’t even tell anything about what he was planning to do. That shows us that he is not interested in the fame that would come along with it. He just wanted to help 2 girls that had been through a lot. President Trump, along with his daughter Ivanka Trump, invited 2 girls that had been kidnapped by Boko Haram in 2014. Their names are Joy Bishara and Lydia Pogu. This was an amazing show of respect by the president and no doubt made these girls feel appreciated.

These are the kinds of things that President does on a regular basis. And what does he receive in return? Hate from the liberals that is starting to have an impact on how he can work. It is sad to see the hate that not only President Trump himself gets, but also everyone in his family.

This was a good way for the president of the United States to spend time with the people that are less fortunate. This is what being the president is all about. He spends time with Americans that need it.

These girls have faced a hardship in their life and President Trump wanted to help them through it. It is good to have a president that cares about the people in the United States. Obama would have done something like this for the media attention that it brought. Trump did it because he is a good person. See the difference?

(h/t NPR)