Former President Bush Wished Americans A Happy Independence Day

Independence Day is an important day for all Americans. Patriots across the country gather with the only goal to honor this country, and celebrate its beginnings. Unfortunately, Americans have never been this full of hate. But, former president Bush decided to wish us all a happy Independence Day.

Former president Barack Obama spent eight years in the Oval Office. Many would agree that he was the worst president in US history. Obama promised to stand for US workers, but he was more interested in having fun with his rich friends. People thought that he would really keep his campaign promises, but Obama disappointed us all.

Many celebrities felt encouraged by the former president, and revealed that they won’t be celebrating this day. Some of them said that Independence Day is just a white man’s holiday. This is probably the biggest nonsense you’ve ever read about. Liberals will never support President Trump, and now they are even using their political views as the perfect excuse to boycott this great day.

President Donald Trump knows that this is the day of all heroes who risk their lives and leave their families to serve their country. Obama never respected the US military. It’s more than clear that some people will follow his example, and disrespect soldiers who go out there without being aware of what comes next.

It was about time that something good happens to our country. America deserves a decent president, and now we have the chance to live a better life. Our soldiers will finally receive the respect they deserve. President Donald Trump will do things right, and the military will soon enjoy more benefits.

Independence Day is the day in which we celebrate the power and the beginning of our country. We respect those who fight for us and those who give their best to provide a better future for us all. Former president George W. Bush knows this, and he wished everyone a happy Independence Day.

“Laura and I wish our fellow Americans a Happy Independence Day and thank those who serve and sacrifice to defend the freedoms we celebrate today,” wrote the former president.

What do you think about this? Do you think Obama will do the same?

(h/t Fox News, CBS News)