Hawaii Tries To Impede The Travel Ban

Terrorism has turned into a global issue, and world leaders are working together to come up with a fitting solution to this problem. The world has turned into a battlefield, and people are dying because of someone’s sick ideas. President Donald Trump had the perfect solution to this problem, but Democrats stopped him.

President Trump signed an executive order that bars immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries. The idea was perfect, and the plan would almost work. We never thought that Democrats would block the President’s travel ban. It’s sad how these people would rather have terrorists around shooting innocent people.

Terrorists use the wave of immigrants to enter the US. Our country has been too nice to refugees, and terrorists use this opportunity to walk free in the country.

Although the President banned the entrance of Muslims, US courts blocked his executive order. Democrats were happy about this, and they cheered to the fact that President Donald Trump lost. But, this time they won’t be too happy to hear the latest news.

The Department of Justice requested that a Hawaii based federal judge should go to the US Supreme Court before attempting to restrict the travel ban.

Now the travel ban suggests that foreign citizens from six countries are requested to confirm a “bona fide” family relationship with a US citizen. According to Hawaii, the definition of a “close relative” is too “vague.”

According to the new order, a close family involve would include person’s parent, spouse, child, adult, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and siblings. This doesn’t apply to finances cousins, and grandparents.

Hawaii tried to block the President’s travel ban, and this is wrong in so many levels. The new ban involves citizens from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and Libya who don’t have close relatives in the US. This was the right thing to be done, and we all support President Donald Trump.

What do you think about Hawaii’s attempt to block the travel ban President Donald Trump approved? Do you think the state will keep trying? How will other states interpret this attempt?

(h/t The Hill)