Jamilah Nasheed Boycotts The Pledge

Elections have an important role in our system, and Americans believe that this is the only way to pick the right nominee. President Donald Trump was a better candidate than Hillary Clinton, and people used their right to vote for him. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to every official people elected. Yes, It’s Nasheed again, people.

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed disappointed every decent American in our country, and voters feel ignored and betrayed. It seems like Nasheed is the wrong person to take this position, and her radicalism only confirmed it. The senator did so many mistakes, and her boycott of the Pledge was the worst of them all.

Remember Kaepernick’s story? The NFL player protested the National Anthem, and it Nasheed did exactly the same. Kaepernick can’t find a job, and no team is ready to accept him. We can only wait to see what happens to Nasheed. She refused to acknowledge the Pledge of Allegiance, and for many people this is nothing but a treason.`

Nasheed claims to stand for patriotism, but she disrespected the Pledge. The senator should understand that she stands for every citizen in this country, including both Democrats and Republicans. Unfortunately, she is more interested in supporting the Black Lives Matter.

This was not the first time Nasheed gets caught in the middle of a huge scandal. Everyone remember the time she was arrested for kneeling in the streets during the Ferguson riots.

Many would agree that Nasheed should be removed from her position in Senate. She is one of the greatest disappointments America has ever seen. People don’t need her in the Senate. It’s time for President Trump to solve the problem, otherwise things can easily slip out of control. Our country shouldn’t respect people like Nasheed. We need full support, not a lousy excuse or boycotts. Let’s hope that this country will finally had in the right direction. We deserve it. America deserves it. Nasheed and her disrespectful friends should stay away from the US Senate.

What do you think about this? Do you think Jamilah Nasheed should be removed from her position?

(h/t The Blaze)