Melania Trump Hosts Military Picnic

Michelle Obama did everything for herself and nobody else. Whenever she hosted celebrations for members of the country she always had to be the center of attention and millions of people across the United States did not like that. That is why we finally can be proud of what we have in the White House. The Trump family is doing an amazing job of making America great again. They are working hard for all Americans and they are doing it not for the fame, but for the people. The Obamas worked in the complete opposite way.

Melania Trump just did something amazing for military families in the United States. It is a tradition of the president to host a picnic celebration for military families on the 4th of July. But under Obama it was less than great. Michelle was barely a part of it and when she was, she had to have everything her way. Melania just shut her down big time.

As you can see from the tweet, Melania was very excited about how the picnic went. It went over very smoothly, much how everything else she does goes. We need to get used to seeing stuff like this from the First Lady as we have a new sheriff in town.

Melania Trump is full of class. This is something we could not say about our former First Lady. Many conservatives were embarrassed about what they had living in the White House. The Obamas simply did not care about helping our country get better. In fact, many could argue that they made it far, far worse. Those days are officially over as we have President Trump working hard for every single person in the United States.

Are you proud to see Melania Trump working hard for our military families?

(h/t Twitter)