Survey Shows Disrespect For Trump And Tillerson

Liberals have shown that they do not care about giving President Donald Trump a chance. Even though he is doing everything he can for every American in the country, it is obvious that they do not want him to be successful. The left has done just about everything they can to get him out of office. They now loved to go back to the lie that says he is currently under investigation. That is a lie just like anything else the liberals say about President Donald Trump and his administration. They are very threatened by his success. Liberals really did think that he was going to be an utter failure. Well, look who was wrong once again. And while we can expect this kind of hate from the left, it is more surprising when it comes from Trump’s own staff.

A new survey has come out that shows State Department staff members blame President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for the misdoings of the government. The survey will be fully released at a later date, but from the looks of it, it is full of blatant lies.

Apparently staff members think that Tillerson and Trump have no idea what they are doing. “People question if these two groups understand the role the Department of State plays in forwarding the interests of the United States in the world,” it explains.

President Trump and his foreign policy has been fantastic thus far. Way better than anything Barack Obama did while in office. That is one of the reasons why this survey is so shocking. It has been 5 months since President Trump took over and he has been keeping promise after promise since then.

“The absence of a clear vision of the future allows room for speculation and rumor about what the future could bring, such as further integration into the State Department of militarization of foreign policy,” the statement continues.

We need to see more respect towards President Trump in just about every aspect. There is not enough currently being done to protect his interests and that is not okay.

Do you agree?

(h/t The Hill)