Wikileaks Exposes CNN Once Again

There are some bad things going on with the media right now. We have seen what they can do to the President and his family. They have been very dangerous to his success and right now is worse than ever. There is something that needs to be done and it needs to be done very quickly. It seems like ever since President Donald Trump took office, the liberals have been doing just about anything they can to get him impeached. They have recently taken it to a whole new level when they attack not only him but also his family. CNN is one of the worst about that, continually lying about him for better ratings. Well, Wikileaks might have just ruined that for them.

We all saw the video that President Donald Trump posted to Twitter in which he is shown beating down a man with CNN plastered to his head. The liberals have gone completely nuts over this one, saying that this should get him impeached. They even explained how this move somehow incites violence towards reporters. Liberals always take things to the extreme.

But what Wikileaks just found out about CNN is truly shocking and should lead to some arrests. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior from the left.

They found that CNN went for a massive search in order to find the person responsible for this simple meme. It seems like they do not have much to do right now, apparently. Do they not have bigger, better things to worry about that a meme that was retweeted by the president of the United States? Is that what journalism in this country has gotten to these days?

Obviously something needs to happen because this is simply ridiculous. There is no reason for the way this man was treated by CNN, a major media company.

(h/t Wikileaks)