Barron Seen Wearing Fancy Shoes

Everyone loves President Trump’s son, Barron Trump. He is a symbol of youth in the White House and a good way for liberals and conservatives to come together. But lately that has not been the case. Liberals have gone so far as to start attacking 11 year old Barron for what he does in the White House. For most, Barron Trump might seem like an innocent 11 year old who loves soccer and his mom. For liberals he is a monster. We are seeing the liberals self destruct right now and it is glorious. You know your at a bad place when you expend effort on trying to destroy an 11 year old. What is wrong with them? This next part will make it even worse.

We know that President Donald Trump has a lot of money in the bank. He does not have to worry about making anymore money which is why he has graciously given his entire paycheck to charity. This is an amazing example of the kindness of our president. But he decided to drop a few bucks on his son recently, when he bought him a pair of the luxurious Gucci brand moccasins.

In what may seem like an innocent photo lies what is wrong with politics in the United States. When liberals saw this image, they immediately went on the attack, looking for anything to say that would put Barron down. Do they have no limits to which they will go? This is a simple outing for the First Family that has turned into a hatefest for the left. That is what happens when liberals get jealous.

Barron is an amazing first son that shows nothing but class. He grew up with a family that was always in the spotlight and has learned what to do when attacked. He lets it go. That is what the Trump family has learned to do recently. But when the liberals attack Barron that maybe goes too far considering he is only a child. But they do not care.

What do you think about the way liberals have treated Barron recently?

(h/t Footwear)