Ethics Director Resigns Under Trump

The Trump administration has been attacked from the beginning. Everything they do is met with severe scrutiny and hate from the liberals and their media. Something has to happen in so that this unproportional hate against him is stopped. He has been quick to fill the holes that currently exist within the administration but something more needs to happen that will punish those that threaten him and his administration. There is something about the way liberals think they can act that is simply scary. They think that they can do whatever they want because, well, under Barack Obama they could.

Thankfully, the haters within the current administration are finally starting to see that they cannot continue to fit in for much longer. Another official has officially sent his resignation to President Trump’s desk. He is yet another Obama holdover that wants to try to hurt Trump’s administration even further. Walter Shaub, the Director of the United States Office of Ethics has given his resignation in a letter addressed to President Trump. Good riddance. It sounds like he was not very fond of working under Trump and that is understandable.

With President Trump in office, these government organizations are not able to do whatever they want at all times. It was a free for all under Barack Obama that came close to ending in all-out disaster. Luckily President Trump stepped in just in time and put his abomination to rest. Trump does not care if an official quits because he knows that is bound to happen under his rule. Trump gets what he wants and if he doesn’t, you will quickly feel the consequences.

Walter Shaub had no idea what he was getting himself into when he decided to stay on board with President Trump. Maybe he thought things we going to continue to be run just like under Barack Obama. But he quickly realized the truth and got scared. He ran away instead of trying to work the problems out. That is what the liberals will do.

What do you think about this new resignation?

(h/t Twitter)