Ivanka Visits Holocaust Museum

President Donald Trump and his family have been in Poland this week. They are making Americans all across the country very proud. It seems like the liberals that are constantly attacking have finally run out of things that they can say about him so they have turned to utter lies to continue to push their hate. But enough about the liberals, they have a very important job over there in Poland right now.

The trip is meant for Trump to go to the G20 Summit so that he can meet with other world leaders. President will make sure that America is treated fairly. Under Obama, the United States was told what to do by countries across the world. That stops under President Trump. But away from all of the political action, Ivanka Trump did something amazing.

Being moved by history that surrounds Poland, she wanted to visit a Holocaust museum to learn more about the tragedy that happened. Ivanka Trump has always been one to get away from all of the action to spend time with her thoughts. That is exactly what she did here. She even got to lay a wreath at the statue of the Ghetto heroes.

“It was a privilege to pay my respects and remember, with gratitude, those who tenaciously fought against all odds. The monument, erected on the rubble of the Warsaw Ghetto, symbolizes the fight for freedom. I am profoundly grateful for those who fought and all those who continue to fight today,” the first daughter said in a statement.

Ivanka is an amazing example of class for our country. She is someone that we can be proud to have. This was not even made public until after the visit and the press was not told beforehand. This goes to show us that she did not do it for the publicity but truly because she is interested in the horrific history that surrounds the Holocaust. But out of tragedy, as often happens, came many heroes that helped millions of people.

She is an amazing woman.

(h/t CNN)